All-Natural Layering Lotion

Dabble & Dollop

$ 15.50

The daily body lotion for tender young skin. Think of it as the kid's answer to premium adult lotions, but way more fun.

Coconut Layering Lotion is tropical, creamy, and exotic. It carries a distinct and kid-loved coconut scent, which is rich, sweet, warm, and inviting. It has a smooth and comforting quality that evokes images of sandy beaches, ocean breezes, and lush palm trees.

Strawberry Layering Lotion has a fragrance reminiscent of freshly picked strawberries

Vanilla body lotion is a comforting blend reminiscent of desserts and sweet treats. This beloved scent is crafted from authentic natural vanillin, offering a richness superior to synthetic alternatives.

formulated using only all-natural, EWG-1-rated ingredients.

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