How To Get Started:

Buying Policy-

       Pack your freshly laundered items in a bin, reusable tote or shopping bag. We are accepting 2 bags of in season (Summer) at the moment per person. Clothing should be free of any stains, rips, or holes. Size range can be from Newborn up to 12/14 years. We do not require appointments to make Drop offs. Drop off at any time. We will provide you with an estimated wait/pick up time. Currently a 2 week turnaround time.

Items will be priced accordingly based on brand popularity, condition, safety, fit, and quality with our customers’ preferences and current demand. You will receive 40% of the retail price in a check or Venmo transaction for your items or 50% of retail price in a Gift Certificate that can be used at Both stores, Happy Baby Boutique and Whippersnapper. You will be contacted by text or email when your items have been processed. Pick up any no thank you items. All unaccepted items will be be available for pick up. If you do not wish to pick up your items you may donate them and they will be donated locally to a charity or school system.  

We can’t wait for you to start selling at Whippersnapper 🖤