Mermaid Hair Detangling Brush

Glimmer Wish

$ 22.00
Great for all hair types Longer bristles to help detangle with ease Brush with less effort Gentle on hair to minimize damage How do Mermaids get that knot-free smooth flowing hair? They use the Mermaid Detangling Hair Brush of course! The Glimmer Wish Mermaid Detangling Hair Brush with long, flexible bristles detangles, removes knots, and reduces breakage for both wet and dry hair. Use it to evenly draw Glimmer Wish Mermaid Shampoo, Conditioner, and Detangling Mist through your beautiful hair. Teen hairbrush for Girls, Mermaid hair brush, kids brush, wet brush, pain free detangling hair brush, perfect gift for kids, salon products for kids, kids haircare, present for kids, present for girls, trending toys, boutique gifts, toy store, spa, beauty store, Mermaid gift set